New year, new adventures

Has been a long time since the last time I wrote on this blog. Many things are changed in my life since then. My journey at Curcuma wasn’t so happy as I hoped and after 6 months of hard work I left and joined the amazing team at

Ernest: Your financial coach

We are building a smart chatbot to help people managing personal finance. Currently, we are in closed beta (here you can sign.up to the waiting list). Team is distributed between London and Milan. Here is a beautiful photo taken during last meeting in London a couple of months ago.

The Ernest team, WeWork Old Street, London, December 2016.

During the last year, career path switch and parenting took all my time and chances to write vanished. Anyhow experiences I did allow me to learn a lot about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Conversational Interfaces, Chatbots, Functional and Reactive programming and many other exciting topics and now, the beginning of 2017, could be the right time to restart giving back to the community.

See you on this feed 😉