In the beginning was RediSQL, a “Hybrid Relational-Database/NOSQL-Datastore written in ANSI C”. After a while they changed the name to AlchemyDB.

Everything is built over Redis adding a Lua interpreter to implement a really interesting technique they call Datastore-Side-Scripting. Is like to use stored procedure, putting logic into datastore. They can achieve many different goals using this technique:

  • Implement a SQL-like language using Lua to decode SQL requests
  • Implement many datatypes not supported by Redis using Lua to fit into common Redis types the new structure
  • Serve content (like web pages o JSON data) directly from the datastore using a REST API.
  • Implement a GraphDB using SQL for Index and Lua for graph-traversal logic.
  • Implement Document-oriented model using Lua
  • Implement an ObjectDB using Lua

Last year Citrusleaf acquired AlchemyDB and Russ Sullivan (the guy behind AlchemyDB) incrementally porting functionality to run on top of Citrusleaf’s proven distributed high-availability linearly-scalable key-value store: Aerospike. It is a distributed NoSQL database, the first solution to claim ACID support and an extremely fast architecture optimized to run using SSDs.

I didn’t test it yet but as far I can see they provide and SDK for most popular programming languages. The Ruby one requires a native library. To start you need to add a node:

require "Citrusleaf"
c =
c.add_node "", 3000

And set, get and delete operations are done as follow:

# Writing Values
c.put 'namespace', 'myset', 'mykey', 'bin_name', value
# Reading Values
rv, gen, value = c.get 'namespace', 'myset', 'mykey', 'binx'
# Deleting Values
c.delete 'namespace', 'myset', 'mykey'

Documentation isn’t useful yet. The only way to understand how if is cool or not is to test it. That’s what I’ll do.